‘Real-time audio-visual systems and tools’ (FoAM)
with Tom Schouten, David Griffiths, Tim Boykett, Steven Pickles, Nik Gaffney, Maja Kuzmanovic, Kate Rich, Goran Kuzmanovic
(and remote discussions with Adam Hyde regarding flossmanuals.net/)

Many forms of experimental media arts include generation and manipulation of real-time audio-visual media. Being able to generate compelling animations and sonic compositions in real-time is essential for media performances (including live-coding, VJing…), interactive installations, responsive situations, games etc. A lot of tools for making such works are proprietary, have problematic licensing and (for many people) a prohibiting cost. Hence, several artists are looking for viable alternatives. What are the challenges of developing and using artistic, open source tools, such as fluxus, packet forth, ogre and pd? Artists participating in this workshop are simultaneously building these tools and creating artworks with them, seamlessly morphing between developers and users. This free-form master class is designed to encourage discussions and experiments for a group of artists-developers, to find strengths and weaknesses of their approaches to procedural media.

Notes: libarynth.org/realtimeav_workshop
Documented code: libarynth.org/sheep_scheme
Fluxus: www.pawfal.org/Software/fluxus/
Fluxus Manual: www.pawfal.org/Software/fluxus/docs/index.html
Packet Forth: zwizwa.goto10.org/zwikizwaki.php?page=PacketForth
Ogre: ogre3d.org/