I signed up for the workshop because i wanted to learn more about my Arduino.

I’ve had an Arduino for a couple of months, but didnt really understand what I could do with it. And now I know! Thanks to Johannes and the Todbot’s spooky projects. Finally I know why i need to use an extra resistor when i try to measure with a photosensor/thermistor, and that a piezo can be input & output!. It was really cool to make my own ribbon-resistor!

I’ve spent most days working on electronics > arduino > electronics projects (mainly to LEDs) because I dont know PD or MAX MSP yet, and i wanted to know how the sensors worked.
So I made blinking LEDs and ones that faded, and I converted my light or heat input into quicker/slower brighter/less bright LEDS.
And I learnt how to use a Dremel.

I found the workshop very useful, and my plan is to pass on any knowledge I got during the past four days in a local workshop/work get together.

And the food was absolutely fabulous!

Thanks for the workshop!