Code31 has investigated a number of available open source tools.
These can be combined according to your needs, depending on the topic of your workshop.
We give a small evaluation and some links in the kid nodes on the right.
We have noticed in our research that the right choice of available tools, how and when to use them is the most important matter of giving online workshops.
Where applicable, we have noted which tool is most appropriate for what goal.

It’s amazing the number of things you can do with your phone today. You can read the x-med-a publication or play casino games at

Investigated tools are:

* video streaming
* audio streaming
* IRC chat
* Open Sound Control
* web based text editing
* syncing folders

Of course a basic understanding of the internet and networks in general come in handy when dealing with these matters.

If you are on a UNIX-like system, like OSX, Linux, BSD,… we’d also recommend you check out one of the many UNIX turorials on the net, to learn the basics of working with the terminal.