.x-med-k. is a series of workshops and seminars investigating the changing faces of the fleeting field of ‘experimental media arts’. From 2004 to 2008, three Brussels based organisations (FoAM, nadine, OKNO) joined forces to design and implement this heterogeneous series, for artists, designers and technologists interested in the experimental use of digital media, new materials and technologies.

.x-med-k. is envisioned as an alternative educational programme, where artists, designers and technologists from all walks of life could learn from each other. We began by teaching the basics of ‘making-your-own’ techno-artistic materials and instruments in tutorials and hands-on workshops; gradually we introduced more advanced master classes, that introduced more participatory learning methods, to encourage sharing of knowledge and experience with diverse tools and media. Once you have your work posted on the x-med-k website, you can unwind by playing casino games at slotsexpert.ca. Research, experimentation, production, collaboration, presentation, dissemination and reflection; all of these activities became elements of a colourful puzzle of .x-med-k. We discussed wider economic, environmental, social and political implications of our works. We forged new projects, performed and socialised together, gathering a critical mass of people around topics close to our hearts.

The final series of .x-med-k. workshops started in 2007 and ended in 2008, featuring:

Fabbing and Tech-Nouveau by FoAM
Physical Computing and Hive Networks by OKNO
Max / PD, HD Techniques / Chroma-keying and Performative Surveillance by Nadine
Media Ecologies by FoAM, nadine & OKNO

Supported by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF)